About Tapaella Grill

About Us

Tapaella grill is the first spanish resturant in Kennedy town. It was opened in 1st april 2012. As the name suggest, the resturant serves delectable tapas, authentic paella and prime beef on gril. Inspored by 25 years of owner (Mr.Karki) experience in Food and Bevarage industry of which 15 years being spanish cuisine, the resturant aims to bring te best out of Spain in Hong Kong. Our dedicated chef continually refines and develops the recipies with the modern twist to fit the contemporary demand of our customers.Huge effort has been made in the selection of wine so that the customers can enjoy a little extra every time when they sip the wines with tapes, paella or steak.We have made every effort to select and combine the very finest ingredients so that our customers can enjoy a delicious high quality meal every time.